The Suffering of Christ

Last Wednesday night was singing emphasis at Church and one of my favorite songs is “Night With Ebon Pinion”. The song has a very powerful message about the Suffering of Christ.

In verse 1, it refers to Christ as the man of sorrow, in tears and sweat and blood he raises his voice to God.

In verse 2, Christ was smitten for offences which were not his own, no friends were there to comfort, he had to weep alone.

In verse 3, Christ pleads to the Father, let the cup of anguish pass from me I pray, but if it must be suffered by me thy only son then Abba, Father, Father let thy will be done.

Once again this song has some very powerful lessons for us to follow as we are on our Christian walk.

We must be willing to put God first and let his will be done. We don’t always understand why things work out the way they do but we must remember that God is all knowing and he knows what is best for us, remember Romans 8:28, all things work the best for them that love the Lord.

We must also remember that Christ has paid the debt for our transgressions; he shed his blood for our sins and provided a way for us to receive salvation. Let us not forget that all spiritual blessings are in Christ, he has provided The Way. We just need to follow him, and when we start to lose our way, just remember the sacrifice that Christ made. The struggles we face are nothing compared to the suffering of Christ.

Remember!!!!!!  Abba, Father, Father let thy will be done.

 Your brother in Christ,